PB Soundscape


Below you will find a list of all the products that we offer, click on the corresponding PayPal button to purchase a particular item. You do not have to have a PayPal account to place an order, see the PayPal page for more instructions.

Above the PayPal button for most products there is a text field where you are required to fill in special information such as registration name or product ID. If you don't fill in this information correctly your order will have to be processed manually and this may take up to a few days in the worst case, so please make sure that the information is valid. You can get more information about how to register a particular product by reading the registration section in the manual that accompanies the product in question.

Important! For some of the products, you are asked to enter a product ID. This is not the name of the program in question, but rather a unique ID for your computer which you can obtain from within the game or software application itself. Be sure to read the manual before ordering!

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