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Welcome to Petabit Soundscape! Here you'll find audio games for the blind and visually impaired, useful software applications for audio enthusiasts as well as handy components/resources for programmers.

The site is constantly being updated with new and improved material, so check back often!

Latest News

July 17, 2011
Channel Vocoder no longer developed and supported by author, so we are considered to relaunch this project. Next version will be developed from scratch. Estimated release date - September 2011. While the product is still in development, you may want to try our MP3 key shifter.

November 09, 2007
New version of Channel Vocoder.

Version 1.1 of Channel Vocoder has been released. It features a few minor bug fixes as well as a dialog which asks you if you want to overwrite the output file if it happens to already exist.

September 14, 2007
Channel Vocoder is released!

Our first software application is now up for sale, a handy little program designed for hobbyists and professionals alike which can transform your voice into a monotone robot, a demonic whisper, a singing instrument and everything else in between.
Click here to read more about Channel Vocoder.